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CleanCar Auto Wash 4600 Williamsburg Station, Floyds Knobs, IN 47119      (812) 697-0365 (Next to Marathon/Sav-A-Step in Highlander Point) % of car owners/leasers who have ever done the following events: Sang in their car 90% Kissed/made out in their car 54% Had their car be part of a wedding 38% Made a life decision in their car 34% Made love in their car 27% Gave their car a name 27% Were told they were loved for the first time in a car 26% Displayed photos of their car 22% Held a meeting in their car 20% Got engaged in a car 10% Celebrated their car's anniversary 4% Had a baby in a car 4% Were named after a car 4% *Poll results from the International Carwash Association
At CleanCar Auto Wash we want you to have a great experience.  Whether you want to do it yourself or use one of our automatic washes we offer high quality, value priced washes.  Check back often to learn how to get the best wash value.  We will offer web only specials as well as frequent specials when you follow us on Facebook or Twitter.  Just click on the buttons at the top of the page to follow us. Thank you for visiting our site.
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